Sinner’s Creed by Kim Jones

Release Date – March 1, 2016
sinners creed

Book Details

First in a new series—welcome to the Sinner’s Creed Motorcycle Club, where hard bodies and hot leather are made for each other, and love gone wrong is the most irresistible of all…

“I was the demon-possessed monster and she was the innocent, naïve angel. But none of that matters. She asks, I give and right now, I’ll kill anyone who tries to stop me from giving this woman what she wants—me.”

Dirk lives in the shadows—performing hits, maintaining order, and upholding the no-holds-barred legacy of the Sinner’s Creed Motorcycle Club. A nomad with a restless spirit and a cold heart, the open road is his world. One of the few constants in his life: his desire for the one woman who has consumed his thoughts for years.

Saylor Samson grew up far from the harshness of Dirk’s world. But ever since she was seventeen she’s been drawn to this dark and mysterious man who always seemed to show up just when she needed him.

After years of fated encounters, he’s back. This time he’s taking her. This time she’s ready for the ride. But just when the darkness in Dirk’s life begins to fade, Saylor reveals a secret that puts them both to the ultimate test. Now, Dirk has to make a decision: submit to his destiny with the MC, or choose his own.
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Kara’s Review

Sinner’s Creed is a motorcycle club of which Dirk is a Nomad. Over a span of several years, he repeatedly runs into Saylor. They remember one another, but he trusts no one. She brings him life and light. Saylor accepts him for who he is. Hearing his assumptions of how she’ll react, what her responses will be and then he’s proven wrong…this warmed my heart. They balanced one another. She brought him calm and he could ripe her up. Their banter was perfect and their friends (Shady, Donnawayne, Jeffery, Carrie, and Rookie) are trustworthy and reliable. This novel had a great balance between angst, finding oneself, acceptance, and romance. Dirk hates conversations so witnessing his growth and the opening and pouring of his heart into all that is Saylor left me breathless. Their love is beautiful. I wished for a different ending, but in all reality…Kim gave their story the best ending. The best. I laughed, cried, rolled my eyes, swooned, and my heart raced. The range of emotions experienced in the novel solidify my love for Kim’s words. Give Dirk a try and find your next MC book crush!! Rating: 4.5 stars

Caryn’s Review

Every so often a story comes along that is so intense and incredibly beautiful that it rips your soul out and gives you an “ugly cry” like never before. A story so intense and incredibly beautiful that it gives you a “book Hangover” like you’ve never experienced. A story so intense and incredibly beautiful that it will never leave you.
To say that Sinners Creed is amazing is an understatement.
Dirk & Saylor’s story is one for the ages.
Captivating, poignant, beautiful.
Dirk ~ “She knew the difference between us and out two worlds. I was the predator and she was the prey. I was the shark and she was the bait. I was the demon-possessed monster and she was the innocent naïve angel. I could almost envision the white-feathered wings trapped by the large, sharp jaws of my mouth. Shit like this didn’t happen. Nobody could be as perfect as she seemed to be and still want something to do with an imperfection like myself.”
Saylor ~ “I’m not scared of you Dirk. Even if there was something left in this life that could scare me, it wouldn’t be you. You’ve always been my savior. You may not know it, but you always show up just when I need you most. You’re like my angel. And right now, I need you.”
A love story that is all consuming
An absolute MUST read
A story deserving of an infinite number of stars
Dirk & Saylor’s story will consume you in a way that will leave you breathless
5 ~ “You’re late” ~ Stars

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