The One for Me by Sydney Landon

Release Date February 2, 2016

Book Details

Mark DeSanto has never denied himself anything—especially in the bedroom. Rich, attractive, and successful, men envy him and women desire him. But when a sweet, guileless beauty faints at his feet, he suddenly finds himself wondering if it’s time to look for something more lasting…

Until her divorce, Crystal Webber never knew what it was like to follow her heart. Now she wants to experience all life has to offer. So when she catches a glimpse of Mark DeSanto in the halls of Danvers International, she’s instantly infatuated—and eager to join him for a walk on the wild side. Fainting at his feet wasn’t her plan, but at least it got his attention…

But for the first time, Mark wants to take things slow, which—considering the electricity between them—may take far more willpower than he’s ever had.
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There are several things about this novel that turned me off. I’m not a fan of Insta-love and I got that with this book. Mark is anti-commitment, but after his brief time with Crystal (Angel) after just meeting her-he’s turned off to all other women. He was loose in the sheets and then poof, no more. Next-he was an alpha, kinky male. This was discussed, yet this never came through “in action” while with Crystal. And finally, I wanted to see some fight on both Crystal and Mark’s part-prior to the end of the novel. Instead they (especially Mark) had the turn-your-back technique with little to no effort made. Besides all of the above, the novel was a quick, cute read. We get reacquainted with couples from previous installments along with meeting new individuals that I’m sure will be the lead characters in future installments. I enjoy Sydney’s books and hope in future installments there’s more angst, adventure and personality within the characters. I found myself predicting what was to happen and I prefer to not be able to do this while reading. Rating: 2.5 stars

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