To Have and To Master by Sparrow Beckett

Release Date – January 19th

Book Details

Tired of his mother bugging him to marry a nice girl from the old country, Konstantin agrees to meet her friend’s daughter when she’s shipped over from rural Russia.

Naturally obedient and submissive, Varushka is everything Konstantin wants in a woman. The fact that she’s so naive and easily scandalized arouses him but makes him feel guilty. Training the girl to be his slave quickly becomes a compulsion.

Varushka is confused by a lot of things in America, especially by her future husband and his sexual depravity. Sinister and captivating, Konstantin introduces her to many fascinating perversions, and his care and attention wins her complete devotion. However, when her father finds out about Konstantin’s past, he whisks her back home. Will Varushka’s Master give chase to reclaim her, or will he allow her father to marry her off to a more respectable man?
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I’ve been living in the Russian-themed book world for over a month now. Therefore, I could not have picked a more fitting time to enjoy Konstantin and Varushka’s story. Konstantin and Varushka are from Russia. Konstantin left for America at a young age with his parents whereas Varushka has lived in Russia her entire life. They’ve been arranged for marriage by their relatives and wondering if Varushka will fit-in and accept Konstantin’s lifestyle is the major question. Parts of their story seemed choppy and rushed. Transitions were abrupt and I wanted to see Varushka fight. To stand up for herself with her family. Konstantin is all alpha and I got a sense of his aura but could not picture him in my mind. I felt more of a connection with Varushka and where her head was at with things. Sparrow writes amazing secondary characters that leave you with a longing to befriend these individuals. I wanted more with Konstantin and Varushka, but this is because I didn’t want to leave their world. Their Russian pet names and curse words helped me feel more connected to them and their relationship. I was sad to say goodbye but overall loved their story and will be encouraging others to read it. Give this a try and find your next Russian book crush! Rating: 4.5 stars

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