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Watch Over Me by Sydney Landon

Release Date September 1, 2015
watch over me

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Gwen Day has never been lucky in love, but now she’s betting on one man ready to care for her like no one ever has…

Fresh off of the most humiliating romantic disaster of her life, Gwen sees no reason not to get tipsy and throw herself at her sexy bad boy neighbor. But she never expected their one night stand to have consequences that would keep them together…or for his concern to turn into something that feels like it could last.

Dominic Brady has always admired Gwen from afar, and now that she’s single, he has no reservations about saying yes to one wild night. Soon he’s interested in a real relationship. But when their future is uncertain, Dominic is determined to show her that he takes care of what’s his. And that no matter what happens, he’s one man she can’t lose.


Gwen and Dominic crash together in a fierce way. They’ve wanted one another from afar and a little liquid courage gets the ball rolling. Gwen has her doubts while Dom begins to second guess himself. Their story was catching, but it all happens within a short time frame for me. I know the saying: “when you know, you just know” but the timeline was unrealistic for me. What I absolutely loved about Watch Over Me is how dedicated and invested Dominic is from the beginning. He’s thoughtful in ways that had me swooning. Another quality in all of the characters I loved was the friendships and banter. I was laughing out loud at Gage (Dominic’s friend) with his words of advice and his comebacks to his friends. Megan and Maddy (Shannon’s daughters) also had my stomach aching from laughing so hard. It was comforting knowing when situations turned serious that soon to follow would be plenty of laughs. Give this a try and find your next book crush! Rating: 3.5 stars

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