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Broken is a beautiful and heartwarming story about taking chances. Gabby has endured pain and heartbreak which has had a significant impact on her life. Just as she is beginning to heal and move on with her life, she has a chance meeting with Bradley Banks, wealthy CEO. There is a mutual attraction, but Gabby’s experience tells her that what Bradley wants is something she is unwilling to give. Bradley has commitment issues but he causes Gabby to begin to feel again, although her fear of trusting her heart and brokenness results in her avoiding taking chances again.

Author JB McGee writes this story alternating between the past and present and at times gives us a glimpse through different characters points of view. I liked the way that Gabby’s past was told leading up to the current events, and it unfolds slowly and continues to build throughout the book. The writing and changing between past and present was woven together nicely and was like slowly unwrapping a gift while making you feel nervous and excited to look inside the box.

I felt that this author took her time developing the story, and revealing the important moments as I was getting further involved with the story and connected to these characters. I was swept away. The character development worked out well with a deliberate and seamless pace. Throughout the story we get to know them but are left feeling there is so much more to know and looking forward to it.

The first book in a trilogy, Broken left me full of anticipation, excitement and hope. By the end of the book you will be left emotional, with a racing heart and left wanting more. I’m excited and anxiously awaiting for Mending, the second novel in this series to be released as I can’t wait to see how this burgeoning romance will take me next. JB McGee did a fantastic job with her debut novel that you will understandably be engaged and touched by her stories. Give it a try!!

4.0 Stars

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